Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mercedes-Benz Sydney Fashion Festival

I am back! It has been way too long since I last posted on here and life has been so busy in the last few months.

For the longest time now I have wanted to attend a fashion show and last week I was lucky enough to attend the Mercedes-Benz Sydney Fashion Festival, sitting third row in the Lavazza Present Italy show. Four different designers collections were shown including Nicola Finetti and By Johnny. So here are some photos I took on the night.

The best part of the night by far was the time I got to spend with my friends when I was there (cheesy I know), but there were so many interesting stalls and events open afterwards and I can never go past a photo booth! Needless to say, I got plenty of photos as a memory of the night.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dark Angels Lush Review

Okay so I have half an hour until I told myself I would start studying today, so I thought there would be no better time to write a quick post. I also haven't done a post where I use my own photos in  while, so I really wanted to get one up!

I recently went to Lush and bought the Dark Angels Fresh Face Cleanser. This is the first Lush skincare item I have bought and I am obsessed! I was never really one for all the hype around lush products, but always wanted to try them anyway, however, here in Australia they are quite expensive and I never really justified buying any of the Lush skincare items before.

With that said, I am totally sold! This exfoliating cleanser works magic for oily skin and clears pores amazingly! Every time I use this my face feels so fresh and I fall in love all over again!

I also think skincare products should work hand in hand with your makeup products. Every time I use this, I find my foundation and powders apply so much easier and more evenly!

The only negative would be how difficult it is to actually get the product out of the pot and then close the lid, and because I'm so useless at it, I sometimes end up with the product everywhere. However, that is the only negative and I'm sure with practice, it is a fault I will learn to overcome.

Does anyone have any recommendations for another good Lush product to try out?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Paris Haute Couture Week

For those of you who didn't know, Paris Couture Week has come to an end (and yes, I am in tears).

This year I was a huge fan of so many shows, but nothing tops the Chanel show for me, however, I am bias because I pretty much love everything and anything Chanel! This show was yet another featuring tweed, jackets with accentuated waistlines and a-line coats. This fall/winter show featured an unusually large amount of embellishing and delicate detailing (which I totally fell in love with). Apparently inspired by the mixture of classic and contemporary fashion, this show was a definite highlight.

So many of the other shows were definite standouts though! I instantly fell in love with the Versace and Giambattista Valli collections. The bold and dark collection from Versace was well matched with  odd shapes and strange, unexpected cutouts, popular throughout almost the entirety of the collection.

The Giambattista Valli show referenced elegant gardens, with floral and fresh patterns. I fell in love with all the dresses and how modern each piece looked, which made this collection a huge standout (in my opinion)!

So yeah, sorry for the long and wordy post, but I was just so excited!

Leave any of your thoughts or opinions, I would love to hear!

All photos:

Thursday, 10 July 2014

White On

The white on white look has always been a huge trend in fashion but has been incredibly present throughout 2014. More and more celebrities are seen wearing this look, as well as being ever popular among the biggest of fashion labels. 

The clean look of white on white makes this trend incredibly sophisticated and makes any outfit look polished and put together. However, I always struggle to wear it myself and find that sometimes it can be incredibly daring! No doubt, pulling of this look is probably a lot easier in the summer as white shorts shouldn't be too hard to find, however, I think wearing white pants can be a challenge (and I am in no way brave enough).

These are a few of my favourite white on white looks I have seen, ranging from the super sleek, to the cool and casual.

My favourite part of this trend is how easily it can be transitioned between casual and dressy! I am also a huge fan of how well it shifts between styles, from sporty to lacey. Regardless of how daring it may seem, I am overall a huge lover of  this trend!

Let me know if you are brave enough to pull off this trend and whether or not you are a fan of the white on white look!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Two Piece Set

I am so happy the matching set trend has finally taken off, being so popular in high end fashion labels for a long time now! With matching sets making an appearance in the fashion week shows earlier this year, I instantly fell in love, and that's going without mentioning the huge amounts of celebrity attention they have gotten, especially when worn by the Kardashians!

But something I find so lovable about this trend is that it is so easy to wear without being expensive! So many brands have taken up the two piece looks, and even then, any two items of the same pattern or colour pretty much give the same effect.

My favourite thing about this trend though, is its versatility, with looks ranging from clean, neutral sets to sets with bold patterns and huge impact.

Either way, I hope the two piece trend sticks because I think it's range of items, colours, patterns and fits makes it perfect for literally everyone and is probably the easiest way to find a quick and polished outfit!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Boring Week

Okay so this week has been a bit of a flop for this whole blogging thing. I have spent the entire week doing nothing but studying, watching re-runs on tv and drinking numerous cups of tea within a single hour. Regrettably, I did have plans to go to the city, visiting the Contemporary Art Museum and drinking coffee in a cute cafe (what a photo op), but sometimes plans just don't work out, so hopefully I do end up going soon  because I think it would be so much fun.

I have been so boring these holidays, I have only been shopping once, and even then, the only thing I bought was coffee so I don't have anything to write about there either.

I was so excited to get posting and I love writing these sorts of things but I don't just want to write about nothing (not sure what that means I am writing about now then). Anyway, I thought uploading something was better than nothing and hope that sometime soon I have something interesting to talk about. 

I will leave you with this photo I took of the most amazing iced-coffee I have ever had!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Much Loved Travels

I was just going through all of my saved photos from my camera and came across a few photos I loved from my trip around Europe last year.  I am in no way good at taking photographs, but many of these photos are reminders of some of my favourite memories (however, I am in love with and incredibly proud of my photo of the Eiffel tower below).

This trip was incredibly special to me because I had always wanted to go to Europe, seeing family over there and travelling, not to mention my love for all things English!

As much as I have dreamed of going to London and travelling around England, everywhere I visited was equally loved and I would never hesitate revisiting the places I went. So... here are so of the photos I love from my favourite moments of travelling around England, France and Italy!

Anyway, there are many more photos that hopefully I post in the future....